ProGETonE and e-SAFE cluster event

Clustering event

ProGETonE and e-SAFE cluster event


We are organising a cluster event to promote exchanges and synergies between ProGETonE and eSAFE projects, 2 European ​H2020 projects addressing deep energy renovation strategies combined with seismic strengthening approaches. ProGETonE is at its conlusion while e-SAFE will start soon the renovation process with its strategy, and so the session will include presentations and debates addressing technological challenges, regulatory barriers and lessons learnt from both initiatives.

💥 So we are happy to invite you to our event “Pro-GET-onE & E-SAFE – Technological challenges, regulatory barriers & lessons learnt”.

👉Update: here you got the registering link:


· Where? ➡️ Athens
· When ➡️ 16th of September from 14.00 to 20.00 CET time.
· How ➡️ The format of the event will be hybrid, so combining both physical and online participation.
· What? ➡️ Members of both projects will talk about #Seismic and #Energyrenovation, the environmental challenges of sustainable #building and final outcomes of ProGETonE and E-SAFE projects.

Do not miss it, we will keep you updated with more information!

You can also find more information in the e-SAFE project website.

#deeprenovation #seismicsafety #EnergyEfficiency #H2020 #EUproject #Housing #HorizonEurope

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