New solutions for more comfortable, efficient and seismic-safe homes

15 European entities working together in the innovation project ProGETonE to deliver new ways to renovate buildings, by increasing their seismic safety, drastically reducing the energy consumption, while keeping a user-centred approach.

Latest events

ProGETonE in a nutshell

ProGETonE has ended in September 2022. This document summarizes the most relevant outputs, tools and solutions that the project has developed during the 5 year duration.

ProGETonE & eSAFE clustering event

Last 15th September, we have held our cluster event together with e-SAFE project. Different experts presented the main outputs of both projects. It was a success!!

Final ProGETonE meeting

The whole ProGETonE consortium has met in Athens for the final meeting of the project, and the visit to the pilot site.

The consortium developing the action is integrated by universities, technical consultants, manufacturers, SME’s, public authorities and associations from 8 countries.


The project develops new external structures that are able to support earthquakes in line with current regulations. That means a great upgrade for most of buildings in Mediterranean seismic zones, where the existing stock is too often in unsafe conditions. This new structure will support the additional high performance envelope, in terms of energy savings, renewable energy and comfort systems, as well as the different design possibilities (balcony, sunspace or extra living space).


The holistic solution includes the focus on the users’ needs, offering different possibilities for the homeowners to increase the safety and energy performance. Therefore, the targets can be reached by the integration of a balcony, a sunspace (extra space, non heated or cooled, so physically separated from the living space) or extra living space (the space addition in the façade implies the enlargement of the living area, so extra space and extra building value), according to users’ preferences and investment capacity.


Energy targets are ambitious in ProGETonE project, which pretends to be aligned with European climate targets. In this sense, a high performing envelope is a must (insulation, high performance windows, airtightness), altogether with on-site energy generation (PV modules as a basis and wind turbine as an option), looking for net zero energy balance. The retrofit needs to provide high indoor conditions, so efficient ventilation is also included.


New integrated solutions will be developed, using the technologies already existing in the market. Different materials, fixation systems, prefab modules and mounting solutions will be studied to come up with an optimized solution that can rapidly be mounted, so as to decrease substantially construction costs.

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