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ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – UNIVERSITÀ DI BOLOGNA was founded in 1088 and is considered to be the oldest University in Western Europe. Nowadays it has more than 100.000 enrolled students per year and it is organized in 5 operating sites: Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. The UNIBO structure directly involved and coordinating the activities of ProGETonE is the Department of Architecture. UNIBO coordinates the project and is responsible for the overall implementation of the activities. UNIBO is leading the User-oriented and tailored Design.


Acer Azienda Casa Emilia Romagna di Reggio Emilia (ACER) is a company property of the province and municipalities which manages public asset, manages people living inside, promotes and supports initiatives to support housing policies and supports people networks. ACER’s building stock consists in a large number of buildings form the ‘50s – 60’s, in urgent need of energy and structural renovation, upon which the project could be replicated. During the project, ACER will be supporting the process of inhabitants' involvement.


Aliva develops customised solutions for the ventilated façades sector in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and constructing all kinds of architectural concepts in the field of building envelope design. A strong commitment to the “tailored” approach is combined with a vast catalogue of original solutions, tried and tested in over thirty years of direct on-site experience. Within the ProGETonE, Aliva brings all of its know-how regarding the envelope design and the structural seismic calculation, in order to achieve, with all the partners, the ambitious goals of energy efficiency, safety and customised design that the project proposes.


The Group of Building Environmental Research, (GRBES), operates under the frame of the Section of Applied Physics, Dept. of Physics of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). It carries out specific research and development programs on the field of environmental quality of the built environment. In parallel, it offers education and training to under and post graduate students. NKUA is leading the integrated design and monitoring procedures, as well as providing its know-how in most of the project activities.


The Technical University Munich pursues a sustainable strategy of promoting high quality research and supports scientists at each stage of career development. TUM's outstanding, internationally acclaimed scientists are provided with a working environment that supports the evolution of highly innovative, adventurous projects in a context of knowledge exchange. As part of the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, the Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction is one of Europe’s leading research institutes in the field of energy efficient building with wood. The input into the project is based on the experience gained through the research projects TES Energy Façade and E2ReBuild in combination with the expertise of the Chair in the field of energy efficient and ecologic prefabricated timber structures and timber engineering.


ANERDGY is acting in the field of smart building and infrastructure technology. ANERDGY has developed an innovative modular flexible renewable energy generator system, the WindRail, an adaptive and flexible smart building technology. The WindRail can combine three renewable energy sources in one solution: solar radiation, both photovoltaic and thermal, wind flow/effect hitting a flat faced building powering a small but effective turbine and uniquely venturi tunnel exploiting the pressure difference over the edge of the building to maximise turbine power. The system can be easily installed on new and existing office, industrial and residential buildings in urban and sub-urban areas. In ProGETOnE, Anerdgy is going to supply the information and data collected from our side on the field of smart building infrastructure technology, and is going to supply the elements to install the renewable energy system Windrail or another adopted system or components to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


The LIMA Assocation – Low Impact Mediterranean Architecture is an organisation founded by representatives from research institutions, private consultancies, architecture offices and equipment providers / installers directly linked to energy efficiency and environmental performance of buildings. Its aim is to improve the building standard – new and renovation - in Mediterranean climate towards very low overall environmental impact while providing high comfort and healthy indoor environment. LIMA is providing its holistic approach in the project, while developing environmental studies (life cycle assessment) and communication actions.


Bloomfield is a dynamic innovative start-up operating in the field of efficiency and renewable energies such as photovoltaic, eco-building, storage, heating systems. The company holds competences in tailored energy saving and sustainable projects with direct installation for SME and large corporation. Bloomfield is leading two activities: the construction site and the implementation of integrated efficient technologies (GETs); also, Bloomfield analyzes the economic exploitation path of the new technologies applied, designs a business plan to commercialize the final product, and compares the difference between the existing technologies and the ones developed due ProGETonE.


Founded in 1889, throughout the years, Savio has risen to a position of European and world leadership in the production of aluminium doors and windows thanks to an attentive policy of development founded on quality and ongoing innovation. In the last decade SAVIO has decided to invest in renewable energy market with the creation of a new company called Thesan for the development of products in the following markets: PV, HVAC and Hydro-power. With a strong identity that mythologically invokes the ongoing generation of life, Thesan offers the market innovative solutions in the fields of renewable energy and energy-saving systems. SAVIO has a dedicated infrastructure for the engineering and testing of HVAC devices, mostly focused on the development of single room ventilation devices. The head line product, commercially branded as Thesan Aircare ES is a window-mounted system of filtration and controlled ventilation for any type of climate, from medium temperate, cold and very hot climates. Therefore, it is ideal for the application in the Pro-GET-onE, as innovative mechanical system integrated in the new windows that will replace the existing ones.


Brasov Municipality is a legal person of public right, carrying out its activity in compliance with Romanian Law no.215/2003 regarding the public administration. It is a functional organizational structure, which allows complex activities, such as applying for financing and implementing projects addressed to the citizens of Braşov City. Brasov Municipality, among other activities is also responsible for elaborating and implementing strategies on different subjects including renovation strategies, but also supporting investments in streets rehabilitation, parking spaces, transportation, improved accessibility in the region and safety of the citizens.The municipality of Brasov will cover a supporting and organizing role in the project. Primarily, it will be supporting the involvement of the inhabitants by organizing meetings, events, workshops, roundtables, etc. It will be collecting the consensus and investigating the possible replicability of the proposal in other compartments of the region.


ABT, as an independent SME consulting firm, provides added value to the built environment. This applies to buildings as well as infrastructure, new development and reuse. We operate within the Netherlands and abroad. Based on our allround engineering and process knowledge, we explore the boundaries of the possible together with our clients. We do this within the specified framework and with a focus on sustainable and new developments. ABT is a multi-disciplinary firm that quickly, flexibly and effectively combines the knowledge of its more than 200 employees (SME). For projects of any scale and in every phase of the construction process: ranging from initiative and design to construction and operation. In the project, ABT will perform large-scale surveys in the target region of Groningen area that will be used as a model for one of Pro-GET-onE’s case studies. With the use of new calculation, techniques, methods, and a parametric modelling that can improve the speed and efficiency of the calculations, even for individually different residential buildings the development will focus on solutions that can make pushover analyses and nonlinear time history analyses.


Huygen (HIA) is with 50 employees (SME) one of the oldest, independent and leading SME (with research capacities) consulting companies in the Netherlands. Its fields of expertise are: building services, building physics, sustainable building, ventilation, acoustics, energy, environment, indoor air quality, and fire regulations both in consulting in practice and in applied scientific research work. HIA’s clients are architects, building developers and contractors, energy agencies, local, national and international governments. HIA has extended experience with integrated design approach for NZEB, integrated NZE renovation and re-use of buildings within national and international projects. HIA has also extended experience in advanced ESCO concepts as well as experience in solving social economic constraints for NZEB projects. HIA will introduce relevant work from MORE-CONNECT, especially the methods for optimization of costs and embodied energy. MORE-CONNECT has used the outputs from IEA EBC Annex 56 and Annex 57. HIA with its expertise will identify all the critical parameters and conflicting requirements of the possible mutual solutions to achieve energy and safe buildings within a socially acceptable environment.


Clivet is a European leading company that since 1989 is designing, producing and distributing systems for cooling, heating, air ventilation & purification with a wide range of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The vision is focused to develop specialized systems based on the heat pump technology as a key driver to deliver comfort and energy saving solutions. The mission is to improve total comfort and indoor air quality, developing advanced systems based on renewable sources, able to reduce energy consumption, minimize environmental impact and reduce Total Life Cycle Cost. Research and development area can count on a team of over 50 designers who work to develop innovative solutions. For Pro-GET-onE, CLIVET will integrate its ElfoPack within the GET structure and envelope contributing in the creation of an optimized synergy between the plants and the prefabricated elements.

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