During the ProGETonE project development several international Conferences, Workshops and Webinars have been organized.



On the 29th October 2021, ProGETonE co-organised a workshop on “Building Envelopes Kits for Deep Renovation” during the Sustainable Places conference (Rome, September 28th – October 1st).

The workshop was the result of several weeks of a very interesting collaborative work together with five other H2020 projects, investigating on the modularity and industrialisation of building envelope kits: ENSNARE, DRIVE 0, STEP UP, INFINITE and PLURAL.

During the first part of the workshop a ‘MIRO board’ was used to discuss the challenges and common “adoption and market” barriers of the different projects. The second part was focused on how these barriers need to be overcome to meet the identified preconditions to successfully introduce industrialized modular product systems in deep-renovation projects.

The workshop presented a conceptual framework to assess the preconditions and KPI’s that need to be met to benefit from a modular product strategy and industrialization.


You can watch it here:

or get more information from the SustainablePlaces website:



ProGETonE & eSAFE: Technological challenges, regulatory barriers & lessons learnt


On 16th September 2022, ProGETonE organized a cluster event with e-SAFE project, in the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week 2022. In particular, the event focused on the strategies for deep energy renovation combined with seismic strengthening approaches.

The event was inaugurated by the Rector of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, prof. M-A Dimopoulos. We had also a warm welcome from several representatives of NKUA areas, in particular the NKUA Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, the NKUA Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning, as well as the President of Property Development Company of NKUA.

Annarita Ferrante (project coordinator of ProGETonE, from UNIBO) and Margarita Assimakopoulos (from NKUA) presented, together with Stephan Ott (from TUM), Dimitris Koukoumis (from SEC), and Giovanni Semprini (from UNIBO) an overview and final outcomes of ProGETonE project. The cluster event include also presentations from different experts, including Evola Gianpiero (e-SAFE project), Ihsan E.Bal (Hanze University of Applied Sciences), Andrea Belleri (university of Bergamo), Mark Zimmermann (ProGETonE Advisory Board member). A final round table moderated by ProGETonE and e-SAFE coordinators (prof. Annarita Ferrante and prof. Giuseppe Margani) concluded the event.

The hybrid event was attended by more than 85 professionals and stakeholders, half of them present in Athens and the rest following the event through the specific platform.




The ProGETonE project has organized a webinars cycle to discuss about some key topics around buildings, energy efficiency and seismic strengthening. These were short webinars (30-45 minutes long) where 3 experts present their insights on the topic, followed by a round-table moderated by a member of the ProGETonE consortium.

There has been a total of 6 webinars, with more than 600 total views within the first months. In case you missed any of them, you can still watch them through the ProGETonE Youtube channel. Here you got a short summary of them:


Digital Transformation of the building sector

A debate around the added-value of digitalizing the whole building sector, and how the use of different digital tools can enhance the decarbonisation of our building stock, or can facilitate the involvement of end-users in deep renovation projects. With Elena Pla (Institute of Construction Technology, ITeC), Arnau Gonzalez (AIGUASOL consultancy) and Andrea Ballabeni (University of Bologna) which presented the final release.


Barriers for broad deployment of deep renovation

Which are the usual obstacles that need to be tackled to facilitate the broad deployment of deep renovation in the building sector? How can we improve social engagement within deep energy renovation or circular renovation projects? We discuss about this subject, together with Johannes Kisser (CEO at ALCHEMIA NOVA) and Anaïs Bas (partner at CICLICA cooperative).


Pioneers’ role of public sector in holistic deep renovation

Within this webinar we have had a very interesting debate with different points of view regarding the potential roles of the public sector within the deeprenovation (e.g. paving the way for next-generation renovation solutions; promoting strategies for energy consumption reduction in most vulnerable housing sectors; identification of triggers for renovation) as well as the needs and requirements that could facilitate their pioneer’s role (e.g. simplification of public procurement solutions; capacity building to the public officers; deep renovation awareness raising to citizens and building users). With Marco Corradi (president of Reggio Emilia Public Housing Agency, and ProGETonE partner), Tomáš Perutka (Energy Agency of Zlín Region) and Andoni Hidalgo (Opengela project, from the Basque Country).


Energy communities and how to improve self-consumption

Do you know what energy communities are? Do you know that you can generate renewable energy in your #building, and share it amongst your neighbours In this webinar, Sven Köhler (CEO of ANERDGY and ProGETonE partner), Florencia Lazzari (CIMNE and EKATE coordinator) and Alberto Belda (CARTIF and LocalRES coordinator) gave us interesting insights about self-consumption strategies for the housing sector, energy generation, energy distribution and energy communities.


Improving safety in the housing sector

Buildings in Europe are not usually prepared to face major earthquakes. There is a strong need to improve buildings’ safety in this regard, thus saving lives. In this webinar we discussed about different available technologies and solutions to increase seismic strengthening at housing sector, with 3 important experts in the seismic renovation fields: İhsan Engin Bal (Hanze University of Applied Science), Giuseppe Margani (University of Catania and e-SAFE coordinator) and Stephan Ott (Technical University of Munich, and partner of ProGETonE).


COVID’s effects on housing

Our first webinar was held in the 2nd half of 2021, when COVID19 was one of the main concerns of our society. The Covid pandemic has highlighted the deficiency of households in terms of comfort and environmental health. In this webinar, you will find interesting insights from Annarita Ferrante (University of Bologna), Olga Barrachina Salleras (LIMA Association) and Giovanni Semprini (University of Bologna).




On the 29th of October 2019,  ProGETonE organized an International Workshop titled “NO MONEY FOR THE FUTURE?”, to talk about integrated approaches to achieve energy renovation of buildings in the Mediterranean area. Several speakers, ProGETonE partners together with other European projects, talked about strengths and barriers of those projects.


The event was attended by around 60 professionals and stakeholders. After the presentations a very interesting round table with open debate toke place. A main conclusion of the workshop is that  Deep renovation needs to tackle mainly social barriers, as most of the technical solutions are already there.

Exploitation of Business Models for Deep Renovation


ProGETonE organized a joind workshop at the Sustainable Places Conference in Cagliari, 5-7th June 2019, about explotation of business models for deep renovation projects.


During the workshop, the participants were asked to work on the characterisation of intrinsic Key Exploitable Results (KERs) from deep renovation practices. Representatives from six EU co-funded projects (ProGETonE, TripleA-reno, P2Endure, 4rinEU, STUNNING and TURNkey Retroft) presented their experience and approaches to achieve tangible results on deep renovation beyond the projects duration. Despite the different stages of projects implementation (from close to end to just started), market places in the form of on-line platforms were seen as major tool to reach the target audience.

Increasing the quality and the value of existing buildings: energy, seismic and architectural retrofit practices


On 22nd May 2018,  ProGETonE organized his 2nd International Conference in Bologna under the title: Increasing the quality and the value of existing buildings: energy, seismic and architectural retrofit practices.


The event was attended by around 90 professionals and counted on presentations of several renamed experts, the project officer Philippe Moseley, the project leader Annarita Ferrante and other colleagues project partners, as well as Ishan Bal and Mark Zimmerman from the Advisory board.

Symposium ProGETonE


On the 20th October 2019, a one-day symposium was organized in BuildinG, in Groningen, to talk about seismic improvement and energy neutral retrofitting.


The event was attended by 120 professionals, including many key stakeholders, that were able to share the challenges and problems they experience in Groningen area, but also possible solutions to turn the existing buildings into attractive, energy efficient and
seismic safe homes.

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