During the ProGETonE project development several international Conferences and Workshops have been organized.



On the 29th of October 2019,  ProGETonE organized an International Workshop titled “NO MONEY FOR THE FUTURE?”, to talk about integrated approaches to achieve energy renovation of buildings in the Mediterranean area. Several speakers, ProGETonE partners together with other European projects, talked about strengths and barriers of those projects.


The event was attended by around 60 professionals and stakeholders. After the presentations a very interesting round table with open debate toke place. A main conclusion of the workshop is that  Deep renovation needs to tackle mainly social barriers, as most of the technical solutions are already there.

Exploitation of Business Models for Deep Renovation


ProGETonE organized a joind workshop at the Sustainable Places Conference in Cagliari, 5-7th June 2019, about explotation of business models for deep renovation projects.


During the workshop, the participants were asked to work on the characterisation of intrinsic Key Exploitable Results (KERs) from deep renovation practices. Representatives from six EU co-funded projects (ProGETonE, TripleA-reno, P2Endure, 4rinEU, STUNNING and TURNkey Retroft) presented their experience and approaches to achieve tangible results on deep renovation beyond the projects duration. Despite the different stages of projects implementation (from close to end to just started), market places in the form of on-line platforms were seen as major tool to reach the target audience.

Increasing the quality and the value of existing buildings: energy, seismic and architectural retrofit practices


On 22nd May 2019,  ProGETonE organized his 2nd International Conference in Bologna under the title: Increasing the quality and the value of existing buildings: energy, seismic and architectural retrofit practices.


The event was attended by around 90 professionals and counted on presentations of several renamed experts, the project officer Philippe Moseley, the project leader Annarita Ferrante and other colleagues project partners, as well as Ishan Bal and Mark Zimmerman from the Advisory board.

Symposium ProGETonE


On the 20th October 2019, a one-day symposium was organized in BuildinG, in Groningen, to talk about seismic improvement and energy neutral retrofitting.


The event was attended by 120 professionals, including many key stakeholders, that were able to share the challenges and problems they experience in Groningen area, but also possible solutions to turn the existing buildings into attractive, energy efficient and
seismic safe homes.

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