Building Envelopes Kits for Deep Renovation

Sustainable Places 2021 - workshop

Building Envelopes Kits for Deep Renovation

We are glad to share with you the video of the workshop “Building Envelopes Kits for Deep Renovation”, co-organised by ProGETonE during the Sustainable Places conference (Rome, September 28th – October 1st).

The workshop is the result of several weeks of a very interesting collaborative work together with five other H2020 projects, investigating on the modularity and industrialisation of building envelope kits: ENSNARE, DRIVE 0, STEP UP, INFINITE and PLURAL.

During the first part of the workshop a ‘MIRO board’ was used to discuss the challenges and common “adoption and market” barriers of the different projects. The second part was focused on how these barriers need to be overcome to meet the identified preconditions to successfully introduce industrialized modular product systems in deep-renovation projects. This workshop presented a conceptual framework to assess the preconditions and KPI’s that need to be met to benefit from a modular product strategy and industrialization.

You can watch it here: or get more information from the SustainablePlaces website:

Sustainable Places workshop - speakers

Special thanks to our partners UNIBO and HUYGEN for their tireless involvement in the organisation of the workshop.


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