ProGETonE solution Mock-up

ProGETonE solution Mock-up

The first real size prototype of the ProGETonE solution was discovered by all the partners in ALIVA premises in Italy

Although the materials and aesthetics are not the final ones, the opportunity to discover in scale 1:1 the holistic solution to reinforce the buildings, as well as gaining extra space and having high energy performance was highly appreciated and satisfying for the project partners, who have worked hard with digital and paper supports for the design of the integration of so many components and details. This milestone constitutes an important goal achieved to keep on improving further the design and preparing the execution of works as well as developing the business model.

The mock up was installed during last April in ALIVA premises in Italy. It is made up of an aluminium exoskeleton, which is seismic-resistant; therefore, it is quite realistic in terms of weights, dimensions and installation times. The exoskeleton allows a scaffold-less solution, which has been tested also in this sense.

The mock up has included the predicted design principles in terms of plug and play installation procedures. Also it includes standard plaster and wooden panels. Apart from the structure and façade components, new developments of HVAC connections were included to test them. The main objective was to check the integration of so many elements and design criteria in order to refine some requirements for the final execution plans of the pilot case in Athens as well as for further developments to be implemented.

The mock up is a nice “ProGETonE in a nutshell” solution, as it includes different functional options that will be offered to homeowners (balcony, sunspace and extra-room), as well as some architectural details.


You can also see the mock up installation and its construction in this video!


The video was realized by ALIVA in collaboration with BLOOMFIELD.
ALIVA develops customised solutions in the ventilated façade field in response to specific requests and problems, by engineering and implementing all kinds of architectural ideas in the field of building envelope design.

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