Webinar on Improving self-consumption in housing

Webinar on Improving self-consumption in housing

Our last webinar is in ProGETonE’s YouTube channel!

You can check it out if you want to learn more about self-consumption strategies for the housing sector, energy generation, energy distribution and energy communities.

We were happy to have 3 different experts: Alberto Belda González, Energy Engineer from CARTIF Technological Center, Florencia Lazzari, a Physician working at CIMNE research center, developing smart energy management services, and Sven Köhler, Systems Engineer and CEO of ANERDGY and memeber of ProGETonE.

The webinar was divided in 4 different parts:

First of all, the concept of energy communities was introduced and we discussed about the support citizens receive during the learning and creation phase and integration and operation of the system once the community is created.

Secondly, the #EKATE project was introduced, as well as the Spanish framework and we were shown a renewable energy community case study with data from Barcelona.

On third place, our ProGETonE member introduced the GET_onE_App, where users can see the results of the project and talked about different tools to improve self-consumption in housing.

Finally, we had a common roundtable.

We hope you enjoyed it! 😄


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