Exploitation of Business Models for Deep Renovation

Exploitation of Business Models for Deep Renovation

Exploitation of Business Models for Deep Renovation was the focus of the workshop organised by PROGETONE project partner HIA with the collaboration of UNIBO and LIMA in the frame of “Sustainable Places 2019” in Cagliari, Sardinia. Representatives from six EU co-funded projects presented their experience and approaches to achieve tangible results on deep renovation beyond the projects duration. Despite the different stages of projects implementation (from close to end to just started), market places in the form of on-line platforms were seen as major tool to reach the target audience. The scope of the projects’ ambitions consisted from providing suitable content to existing platforms (P2Endure) up to the replication of experienced private e-market places to other countries (Turnkey Retrofit). The interesting contributions made from the audience of about 30 experts led to very enriching discussions, giving evidence of the similar but nevertheless differentiated approaches in tackling the challenge of quick market penetration.

The Sustainable Places event is found a much appreciated occasion to exchange approaches and results, particular among EU co-funded projects, to improve our built environment. A special thanks to organisers and all colleagues that made this year’s by event in Cagliari another success. We are looking forward to Sustainable Places Aix-les-Bains 2020!

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