Clustering workshop in Sustainable Places 2018

Clustering workshop in Sustainable Places 2018

During the Sustainable Places conferences in Aix-les-bains, a workshop focused on the deep renovation of buildings was jointly organized the 27th June by the sister projects P2Endure, 4RinEU, More-connect and ProGETonE. These four projects take part in a projects’ cluster to help sharing experiences to unlock common barriers for deep renovation upscaling.

With this sharing purpose among project partners and beyond, the projects’ main highlights were exposed during the session and a common debate focused on the values and barriers for deep renovation under a triple approach: technical, financial and social.

Finally, the proposal of elaborating the “recipe” for the successful deep renovation  was launched, which should include the key elements and strategies considering this triple approach. The results already available and the identified challenges are being compiled to publish a white paper in the framework of SP18 publications. In the meantime, the workshop presentation is available here.

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