ProGETonE | Design workshop in Munich
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Design workshop in Munich

Design workshop in Munich

Technical challenging discussions took place last March in Munich in the framework of ProGETonE project activities relating to “energy efficient design”. Rich exchanges among partners were carried out to solve structural and energy requirements at a time, while offering comfortable and functional new spaces and/or facades for the residents in seismic areas. During the meeting, current options that are being considered in the “abacus of solutions” were presented and commented.

Working sessions were carried out to work on possible fixing solutions of the new integrated technologies (new exoskeleton and enhanced envelope) to the existing building while improving the seismic-performance and limiting thermal bridges.

Environmental and cost aspects were tackled as well, since the aim of the project is to offer optimized solutions, not only to reduce investment costs, but also taking into account the life cycle impact of the seismic safety increasing deep energy renovation. The main challenge is to put in value the benefits not directly perceived and accounted in traditional economic approaches.

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